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Our Advantages

Our Advantages

Success & Experience

Our management team has collectively represented buyers and sellers on more than 1,000 transactions, worth more than $500 million, over the past 40 years.

Team-Based Approach

The management team and broker collaborate on every transaction with our agents to ensure the highest professional standard when representing you as our client.

Certified Negotiation Experts

Our owner and broker hold the prestigious CNE certification, empowering them to effectively represent your best interests throughout the transaction process.

Residential & Commercial

We enable you to participate in both the residential and commercial real estate markets with the added convenience of a single brokerage. You may want to purchase, lease, or sell a commercial property for your business or as an investment.

Concierge Services

As residents of La Jolla for over a decade, we’re in a perfect position to connect you with a variety of local businesses and professionals. Take part in the coastal lifestyle by enjoying the best hotels, restaurants, and shopping.

Professional Collaboration

We actively involve your mortgage lenders, financial advisors, trust attorneys, and other trusted advisors in your real estate transaction to ensure you take advantage of all opportunities available to you.

Local Market Knowledge

Our agents are trained to become neighborhood experts and are positioned to provide you with expert advice in your communities of interest. We combine this with a broader focus of the San Diego market as a whole to help you evaluate all of your real estate options.

Lending Strategies

We work closely with your mortgage lender to explore a variety of strategic options with regard to your financing. We empower you to choose the right type of loan, buy down your interest rate with discount points, and have the sellers pay closing costs.

Tax Strategies

We empower you to take advantage of several key strategies to lower your overall tax liabilities, including IRS 1031 tax-deferred exchanges, IRS 121 capital gains exclusions, detailed family trust planning, how you hold title, and propositions 60, 90, and 110.

In-depth Approach

We investigate a variety of aspects of your property to determine how to best position your transaction, including how you hold title, whether the property is for investment, if your property is held in a trust, and if you have previously refinanced.

Investor Network

We promote your property to our network of real estate investors and “exchangers” throughout the US. Our connections also present you with additional investment options since many available properties are not currently listed for sale.

Property Management

Our property management division gives you access to the benefits of owning profitable investment properties without the challenges of leasing and maintenance.

Evaluate Your Options

Speak to a friendly and experienced real estate professional who can answer your questions.


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